Avast vs Iolo.com Full Comparison of Best Cleanup Software

Avast vs Iolo

AVast V/S Iolo System Mechanic is a fantastic tuning tool that works with Windows computers only. It promises to function as a fully-functional antivirus, which will provide solid security and protection online.

Which Antivirus Program Does Avast Provide?

Avast offers four antivirus plans each priced to be purchased for a year.

Avast Free Avast Antivirus (Windows, macOS) is a free program that provides basic malware protection and special extensions. Avast Free contains harmful file protection, email keyloggers, hacking tools, websites and botnets. which hackers can employ to hack your system.


AVast V/S Iolo SystemMechanic is a fantastic tuning tool that works with Windows computers only. It promises to function as a fully-functional antivirus, which will provide solid security and protection online. However my tests have proven that iolo does not have the essential functionsthat I expect from a top-quality antivirus program.

While I am impressed by the performance optimization capabilities of iolo’s computer, I am able to say that this isn’t the all-in-one security and powerhouse that it claims to be. Instead, I’d recommend an all-inclusive (and tested!) antivirus program such as Norton 360, which provides complete protection and comes with numerous useful extra features.

If you’re looking for tools to boost the speed, speed of start-up as well as overall performance of your computer, Iolo remains an excellent alternative. Even better, with its money-back guarantee you are able to test the program yourself risk-free for 30 days. I tried the assurance and received my money back within three days.

Avast Vs iolo.com complete comparison

Avast in comparison to iolo.com score We awarded Avast 7.5 /10 while giving 6.8 on iolo.

Which is better from Avast and iolo.comand iolo.com? Avast Antivirus offers paid and free antivirus software that guards against threats to PC, Mac, iOS as well as Android devices. Iolo offers Windows operating systems and an array of computer optimization and security solutions. To manage passwords and protect themselves users can choose the most affordable choice.

Why should you invest in Avast instead of iolo.com(see below).Avast has a very slow scan and can’t recognize new malware on its own. If you’re afraid of both, you must choose iolo.But don’t forget that no one is flawless. Also, iolo doesn’t provide you security features for mac as of yet, and the additional features may cost you more amount.

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The AVAST ANTIVIRUS FREE VERSION of the AVAST program also includes:

  • Security against Ransomware
  • Hack warning of potential breaches of passwords
  • The Wi-Fi inspector warns you about the possible dangers that could be present for each device that is part of the Wi-Fi network
  • A security feature that scans at websites you browse and warns you of dangerous behavior.
  • Intelligent scanning that lets you know how you can increase the efficiency of your system
  • My statistics show the number of files that were scanned, and the number of threats that were thwarted.
  • Do not trouble mode, which blocks third-party apps from sending you warnings or pop-ups during your play an online game, play a video or show a presentation.
  • A rescue disc to aid in the restoration of your system following an infection by a virus
  • A manual that is updated to make sure that your software is current and up to the latest
  • Security tools to stop the use of your address by hackers to create fraudulent emails

Avast Premium Securitycontains all Avast Free Antivirus’s features. Avast Free Antivirus (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS) and also includes:

  • Real Website, tool to guard against fake, authentic websites
  • Avast firewall is more sophisticated than Windows’ built-in security. Avast firewall can be more advanced than Windows’ built-in Windows firewall.
  • The security of passwords
  • A sensitive data protection
  • A data shredder that can completely remove corrupted files
  • A webcam guard to stop hackers from snooping on you through the camera on your PC;
  • A barrier that blocks remote connections to your computer
  • A sandbox which opens up suspect files in a secured environment to keep an isolated infestation

For 30 days with no credit card and up to 60 consecutive days with credit card, you can try Avast Premium Security at no cost.

Avast Premium Security Price:

  • One product: $39.99 for the first year, $69.99 thereafter
  • Ten gadgets: $49.99 for the first year, $89.99 thereafter

Avast Ultimate Security (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS) contains all of the Avast Premium Security protections and features as well as three separate Avast products from the company: Avast Secureline VPN; Avast Cleanup Premium, designed to improve PC performance and Avast AntiTrack which blocks sites from being in a position track you.

Avast Total Security price:

  • One product: $59.99 for the first year, $99.99 thereafter
  • Ten gadgets: $69.99 for the first year, $119.99 thereafter

Avast Omni (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS)is an intelligent home security tool that allows you to ensure the security of every device that are connected to Wi-Fi network in an apartment. Additionally, it comes with the basic protection of antivirus for Avast and kids protection, as well as parental control on every mobile and desktop operating systems. Avast Omni is priced at $99.99 annually on a typical basis, however there are sometimes significant discounts.


The costs of memberships to antivirus plans Avast Premium, Ultimate and Omni are for a single year, and are available only for one gadget or as many as 10 devices. The company does not offer multi-year discount discounts. Prices on a one-time device, ranging from $39.99 to $69.99 in the initial year, and then from $69.99 and $119.99 for the year following for ten devices.


The antivirus program of Avast is outstanding and has earned our score. Premier plans include complete protection against malware for corrupt or dangerous email, files as well as Wi-Fi networks and websites. Additionally, it comes with additional cyber security protections including a camera shield that stops uninvited eyes from taking over the webcam on your computer.

Although all of its antivirus products come with a wide range of protections, Avast Ultimate Security only comes with the following features: VPN and anti-tracking. Both are offered in lower-priced packages that are offered by other antivirus software vendors. Develop an economical Avast security product that allows you to blend a variety of different products that have different subscription periods.

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was ranked #8 in the Top Antivirus Software of 2021

was ranked #6 in the Best Mac Antivirus Software of 2021


  • Free version that has full capability
  • Cybersecurity security protection also includes camera security


  • No savings over multiple years on subscriptions
  • VPN is only available at the top degree

Avast was founded at the time of its founding in 1988 within the Czech Republic, provides fully free antivirus software, as well as two antivirus programs that are commercially available under the brand names Avast as well as AVG. Avast also provides Omni, a subscription option for security of wireless networks for smart homes and other smart homes. In July of 2016, Avast bought a fellow Czech cybersecurity firm AVG. Both companies offer similar solutions to protect your technology, Avast offers a broader variety of bundles of software.



It was initially designed as a program to aid in Windows PC optimization, iolo was not extensively tested to determine if it detects malware by independent labs. So, I am unable to guarantee an increased malware detection rate, even though it was useful to check and detect malware-related samples using the Windows PC. You can however think about other antiviruses that are high-quality. For instance, Norton 360 has a verified 100 percent virus detection in real-time, guaranteeing the security of your device against online threats.

Virus Scan Finds Malware, but slows the PC

I downloaded test files onto my computer from the reputable website EICAR.com to examine the malware scan of iolo’s. I’m delighted to confirm the fact that Avast vs. System Mechanic Pro has been able to detect and quarantine any harmful file, including ads with minimal risk. I was astonished, as the products from iolo are designed for optimizing the system, not malware detection.

Avast and iolo System Mechanic Pro offers two distinct scan options: a speedy scan, and a deeper scan. The first one I ran was my Deep Scan, which examined every item on my computer. It took about an hour and 20 minutes however it took the Norton 360 took just 12 minutes to complete a similar scan. Even with the slow speed, I’m satisfied with the results. Iolo has scanned more than 855,000 items and found all malware-related test files that were hidden in the test PC. Additionally, Iolo did not unintentionally declare unsafe files thus I didn’t have to search through the quarantined files.

In The Deep Scan, I discovered that I had a large delay. The amount of CPU I used was up from 15% to 40% which is more than doubling the amount of processing power that my computer used. In the process, my PC’s performance decreased significantly as the scan was running, I was not able to make use of it as effectively. I also noticed that the remaining features part of Avast iolo SystemMechanic Pro interface was not accessible during a scan . I was unable to alter the settings or access other options.

Quick Scan is a faster option. Quick Scan option is much faster and takes just 10 seconds to look over crucial areas where problems could be lurking. The issue can be the fact that Internet as well as Windows junk files like RAM, as well as other naive or ineffective items are all included, but only on the C drive. This is among the locations on a PC that is frequently affected by malware. There was no malware within other file types was detected during an Quick Scan. This is an issue because a program such as Norton 360 also checks downloads for additional files using the help of its Quick Scan – I did test Norton afterward and found that it used the time to run its Quick Scan to get the features iolo was missing!

Spyware Protection Effectively blocks Spyware as well as Adware

The spyware protection of iolo has been demonstrated to be effective in the fight against spyware, adware and more nimble infections. I was pleased to see that all spyware and adware tests I used were properly detected.

A lot of antiviruses, such as Microsoft Defender integrated with Windows tend to ignore adsware and similar programs. This is because they’re generally not harmful. but they are simply uncomfortable for users. However spyware is a threat to your computer and steals information in secret for weeks and even for months. I am confident that the iolo program detects these invisible, frequently undetectable kinds of malware, and can help protect your computer from threats on the internet.

System Shield Protects you in real time from malware

This System Shield function provides you an accurate picture of the malware protection. It identifies when the most recent scan was performed and when the program was last updated and also shows if real-time protection and automatic updates are enabled.

I was pleased to find that the protection of iolo was activated instantly after I downloaded the program. I also used the System Shield function to quickly determine if I should alter any settings to ensure total security.

I’ve been to a number of websites for virus testing and tried to download files to test that the real-time security worked. System Mechanic Pro prevented all potentially harmful downloads and also prevented me from accessing some websites.

It made me feel safe to download harmful software, but I was a bit disappointed to find that System Shield still allowed me to go to potentially harmful websites. I’d like to see a change in this part of iolo’s real-time security because downloading isn’t the only type of malware and phishing scams are very prevalent and iolo does not always recognize threats such as

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