5 Best Apps To Block Spam SMS for Android and iOS

Best Apps To Block Spam SMS

Have you had the experience of receiving a spam SMS and then another? That’s why you know the importance of blocking spam SMS to prevent any irritation.

Automated messages can ruin the day by bringing up promotions from businesses that make use of APIs like mortgages with low interest and gift cards, debt relief or debt relief. But, there are times when malicious links may install viruses on your device, take data, dial an unknown number, or create other issues.

The spam SMS as well as Robotexts have taken over the top spot with their spam SMS that have boosted the need for spam blocking applications. They’re the perfect option to block unwanted messages that may be harmful to your system.

Here are the most effective text blocker applications to be on the lookout for.

SMS Shield

SMS Shield is among the most effective spam blocking apps for iPhone that aids to protect users from advertisements as well as SMS spam and scams. Users can block SMSs sent by specific numbers or operators that be used offline. It is an iPhone application is built upon the offline Machine Learning spam filter that quickly detects spam SMS along with Frequent Traveler Mode. Custom Block List and Automatic Spam Filtering.

Spam blocker for Android, Block text

Spam blocker on Android, Block text is an Android spam blocker for SMS that can block messages from unknown phone numbers. It provides privacy to users as well as removing unwanted text messages. The most important functions of this application include the blocker of text, email spam blocker, backup text with a centralized SMS, powerful searchcapabilities, etc. There are many premium features included in this app for blocking spam that stop emails, text messages and block keywords messages in groups as well as spam deletion.

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TextKiller – Spam Text Blocker

TextKiller Spam Text Blocker is an application to block spam on iPhone which can assist in blocking messages that are not needed. The app works by guarding the user from spam SMS and secures the messages immediately as junk. It blocks the text messages with Machine Learning mechanisms to ensure that the accuracy of the text is maintained. The goal for the TextKiller iPhone app is to safeguard users from text messages, robocalls and to protect the privacy of users..


RoboKiller is a text-based spam blocker that will block calls from robocalls and eliminate 99percent of spam text messages and calls. The application for blocking spam text messages works with the predictive block technology that analyzes data and then stops the messages. Telecommunications companies or phone scams aid in maintaining this application that can cause scammers to lose time on calls.


Truecaller is a verification of contact application that shows the contact details to users. Users can block unwanted messages, calls and other type of unwanted communications. Truecaller analyses the messages or calls received and categorizes them according to for fraud or spam. Users can block the call on their own to stop interruptions. The application is equipped with auto-blockers to allow for easy use by users to block the contact.


Yes, spam SMS are annoying, however they could be very dangerous because of hackers or malicious hyperlinks. Therefore, it is essential to select the most effective phone blockers that are compatible with iPhone as well as Android phones that are able to also block messages.

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