How to Buy Land in The Metaverse [2022] + 7 Buying Platforms

Buy Land in The Metaverse

The prices of land in the Metaverse are rising every day, many people are wondering how to purchase property in the Metaverse. Watch out for the specific method to accomplish this.

Metaverse is a digital world that allows you to shop, play watch buy, sell and basically everything we can in our physical world.

Metaverses are created through computer servers, similar to is the case with social media.

However, while social media is restricted to sharing images, text and videos The metaverse is a complete living in virtual reality.

You’re an avatar in your own metaverse living an imaginary life, having fun with virtual friends and enjoying live shows as well as doing business and more.

Brands are taking this very seriously. Some brands like Samsung have opened metaverse exhibition centers, and others such as Mcdonald’s are registering trademarks for virtual eateries that provide food to the real world.

There is plenty to do with the most reputable metaverse companies and cryptocurrency coins from the metaverse.

However, we will be focusing only on one aspect:

Metaverse Investments

Let’s begin with an official warning: (Metaverse) Investments are risky.

However, each investment is.

It’s exactly the same way it was with Bitcoin 10 years ago. The public was laughing at the computer’s coins, mocking them as investments.

Today, with Bitcoin value skyrocketing across the sky It’s not a bad idea to make jokes about Bitcoin are a good idea.

Metaverse land parcels could be reliving that past. At the very least, the last few years have been a testimony to this.

Let’s look at one transaction’s history for the Decentraland land parcel, which is located at Opensea:

Token details: 187155… First Sale Second Sale Third Sale
Transaction Amount: $4,684.46 $9,687.84 $11,272.12
Date: June 20, 2021 April 7, 2022 April 10, 2022

The first one brought in more than 100 percent profit for the owner in just one year. The second one resulted out over 16% profits in just three days.

It could also be an instance. Take a look another one:

Token details: 51042… First Sale Second Sale Third Sale Fourth Sale
Transaction Amount: $832.46 $14,184.93 $12,320.53 $12,669.77
Date: April 12, 2019 January 10, 2022 April 4, 2022 April 9, 2022

Don’t get me wrong.

The idea isn’t to push you into a wild buying and selling of land parcels in the metaverse. In addition, you can observe the loss in the third sale, and only a tiny profit during the fourth. However, the property also provided a staggering 16000% profit to the original owner in the span of three years.

Additionally, numerous transactions result in investors making profitable gains, and there is an nearly equal amount of losses-producing entries as well.

It’s also beneficial to know that investments in metaverse are based with the same demand and supply principles. For instance the metaverse project that you invest in can be unsuccessful in attracting people, resulting in your investment being wiped out. However, it could also aid you in making money within a short period of time.

However, we aren’t experts in financial advice. Instead, this article is focused on the best way do you make investments (buy the land) within the realm of metaphysics only in the event that you are interested in doing it in the first place.

How Metaverse Investments Work

The metaverse parcels of land are not fungible tokens.

If you buy an NFT that represents a particular location in a specific metaverse, it is affixed to the appropriate blockchain. You can look up the history of each one right from the beginning.

Thus, purchasing property in any metaverse requires this five step process:

  • Selecting the Metaverse
  • Choosing the Land-Plot
  • Creating a Relevant Crypto Wallet
  • Making the Purchase
  • Verifying Transactions on Blockchain

Let’s go over the procedure for a specific land plot in Decentraland:

The listing is on the most well-known NFT marketplace called Opensea.

Because the price is in Ethereum (2.99 USD) it is necessary to make a wallet compatible.

A good option could be Metamask If you’re comfortable with wallets that are hot.

Hot Wallets are usually free but they are software that is installed on your computer. They are more vulnerable attack by hackers in comparison to Hardware wallets that only connect when making transactions.

After that, you’ll have then load your wallet with the amount of your transaction plus a little extra to cover the transaction costs.

Based on the wallet, there is an integrated exchange, similar to what it does for it. For instance, the Trust card as well as Coinbase Wallet. You can also purchase it at any store and then transfer it to your wallet account following.

Then, you’ll select Buy Now and you will be asked to connect your wallet the marketplace:

From now on the procedure will depend on the cash in hand. However, you’ll be fine if follow the prompts on screen.

Based on the fee and the network’s conditions The transaction will take place within a reasonable time. Then, you can verify your transaction and its ownership on the blockchain that you are using.

Once you’ve mastered the process in general, let’s look at some platforms for purchasing metaverse land.


Opensea provides an all-in-one solution for trading assets across multiple metaverses.

Simply select the metaverse that you prefer, choose the package and complete the purchase. Make sure to click over this redirect icon to verify that the information is on the marketplace in the metaverse prior to purchasing:

In conclusion, Opensea makes it simple by making everything accessible on one website.

Additionally, you can directly buy a cryptocurrency on Opensea using your credit card, without having to pay at an exchange. You can then transfer the funds.

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Decentraland is a highly rated metaverse project. The native currency MANA is consistently at the top of the list of coins from the metaverse.

Decentraland accepts signup via Metamask wallet as well as transactions through MANA.

MANA is accessible on the large cryptocurrency exchange platforms which include Coinbase, Binance, Huobi and more. Therefore, you must purchase MANA through any of the platforms and transfer your money via Metamask. Additionally, you’ll need some ETH to cover transaction costs.

After that, you are able to choose the parcel, click purchase or make a bid. Bidding lets you offer any price you like with an expiration time, and then leave it up to the owner to decide whether to accept or let it expire.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is second behind Decentraland as one of the top metaverse projects to invest money into.

Sandbox allows signing up using several options such as Metamask, Coinbase and Bitski. Additionally, you can sign up through Facebook, Google, and Twitter to access the Vinyl wallet to sign-up.

The process of purchasing real property within The Sandbox is similar to Decentraland. In addition, you will must have the native currency, SAND, and some Ethereum, in order to make the purchase.

After you have loaded your cryptocurrency wallet using SAND, you are able to explore the LANDS sections under the Market tab to pick the one you prefer.

Then, it’s just a few clicks, which includes tapping the Buy Now and signing the purchase in your wallet.

Somnium Space

Somnium Space can be described as an comparatively new metaverse which manages its marketplace through Opensea. The thing that makes it unique is the fact that it’s Virtual Reality compatible, while many of its rivals that have been around for a while don’t.

It is necessary to connect it to Metamask and pay for the parcel you want with ETH.


CryptoVoxels are a different Metaverse based on Ethereum in the virtual worlds list. It is compatible with signups made using Metamask, Coinbase, Torus Wallet as well as Wallet Connect.

You can purchase the parcels on the official website, or look up the same on Opensea by using the links for each parcel.


Upland remains an exciting metaverse that has affordable prices for land that won’t set the price at thousands of dollars. It’s different since every property has an actual physical address.

Another distinction is the sign-up procedure that doesn’t require any cryptocurrency wallet. Instead, you sign up through the creation of an account by entering your email address and password.

The Upland registration gives you 4,550 dollars in UPX the currency they use as their national. Additionally, you receive the title of Visitor along with an extended visa of seven days. It is possible to renew your visa by simply logging into after it expires. There is an extension that is one calendar day. If you don’t complete the process and your UPX is not renewed, it will be returned and you will have to start over.

To purchase properties on Upland the buyer must have more prestigious status as an Uplander. This means you must have 10,000 UPX and can be bought on the platform using Paypal or with crypto.

When you reach that point You can browse the maps, choose the property and follow the directions on the screen.

Additionally, all Uplanders keep their assets in the blockchain, ensuring the immutability of their assets.


ERTHA can be described as a metaverse of life simulation that has divided the earth into land parcels that are which are available to purchase. The site is hosted by the the Binance Smart Chain Each land parcel in ERTHA is distinct by its geographical location and the resources it has.

Land acquisition in the metaverse is a lot like the ones we’ve been discussing so far. It is the first thing to choose the hexagon you want to purchase and then click “ADD TO CART”. After that, choose one of the choices (BNB USDT, BNB.) to start the Metamask to finish the transaction.

Alternately, you can print the address for payment, then transfer the amount and then wait for confirmation.


This is a concise list and there are a lot of land and metaverse projects for you to consider investing in. As we have already mentioned the risk of investing in metaverse land is higher due to the volatility of crypto in addition to the projects performance as well.

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