Top 8 DNS/Content Filtering for Home to Protect Family and Kids from Cyber Threats

dns content filtering software

DNS filtering can be used to protect children from dangerous online sites. The fast-paced technology of today leaves one thing unsorted. The security issues with the Internet. The Internet is a breeding ground for malicious attacks , and cyber threats.

It is not a wise decision to stop using the internet. It is a very useful tool that we have, and it will limit your opportunities for lifestyle changes.

A brilliant solution is to use DNS or Content filtering, which will protect you and your family from cyber-attacks . This is what you will learn in this article.

Let’s first learn about “DNS filtering”.

What is DNS filtering?

DNS filtering is also known as Domain Name System filtering. This is a method of blocking you from accessing suspicious websites or IP addresses. After you enable DNS filtering, you can surf the Internet knowing that it will block you from visiting any malicious websites. It will also show you a “blockpage” that will explain the reason for the prevention.

If you are certain that these URLs will not be visited in the future, you can block them manually.

DNS Filtering has many benefits

DNS filtering is a great option for you and your loved ones. It’s likely that you have had a taste of it by now, but here are more facts:

Ensures safe Internet browsing

DNS filtering is a way to block malicious websites from potentially stealing your personal data. Other threats include:

  • Ransomware
  • Phishing
  • Spyware
  • Virus
  • Malware

All of the risks can be avoided by simply using the DNS filter.

Protects your data

All of us have important data stored on our devices. But, most of us are not aware of how to back it up. If this is the case, you could lose all your data if you go to dangerous websites. The following software will take care of this for you.

Protects your device

It doesn’t matter if your device is on a phone, tablet or computer; malicious websites can cause harm to your device. Some websites can remotely install viruses to your device, which can cause damage and render it unusable.

Let’s take a look at the following tools.

These solutions are both good for personal use and business. You can also check DNS filtering to business.


SophosHome has been highly praised by Mac World and IGN. It is a DNS filter with artificial intelligence that blocks viruses, malware and other harmful threats. It’s available for Mac and PC, and provides a broad range of protections including:

  • Parental control
  • Bank security
  • Protection of your identity
  • Browsing protection
  • Privacy Protection
  • Malware protection
  • Antivirus software that works in real-time

It’s designed to monitor the threats you face every day through your browsing habits. This can be downloaded and used for free, but only with limited features. You can also choose one of their paid plans starting at $45/year.


CleanBrowsing allows you to surf the web without being surprised. It is a DNS-based filtering tool that protects your family from malicious attacks. It is DNS-based so you don’t have to install any extra software. You only need to change your DNS settings from your internet provider. It’s as easy as that.

You get some amazing features with the free plan, such as:

  • Security filter that blocks ransomware, phishing, and other malicious sources
  • Blocks adult content that is inappropriate
  • Family filter specially designed for correct usage according to age groups

You can sign up for one or more of their paid plans to gain access to advanced features. It starts at one Starbucks coffee per month.

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ESET Parental Control

ESET parental control is another very impressive DNS-filtering tool that works on both desktop and mobile devices. This is what the service does in a nutshell:

  • Blocks adult content that is inappropriate
  • Screen time limits
  • Prevents downloading suspicious software
  • Tracks browsing behavior
  • Locate your child’s mobile phone and track it

You get a 30-day trial of all the amazing features. You can then choose from their paid plans starting at $49.95/year.

Cloudflare Gateway

Cloudflare Gateway can be used for both home and office networks. Cloudflare keeps malicious content from your network, helping to secure the Internet experience.

It routes all traffic through their DNS servers, and creates a policy that allows you to decide what to allow or block. The dashboard allows you to configure everything as follows:

  • SafeSearch – Enable
  • Sites that are suspicious, malicious, phishing or spammy, cryptomining, botnet, etc., will be blocked
  • Block traffic using categories such as drugs, child abuse and safe for children, deceptive ads, and many more

You can also block or allow a site explicitly. It is free to get started, which is enough for home use. Cloudflare will filter the traffic once you have completed the setup. If it is blocked, Cloudflare will show you the page with restricted access.

Cloudflare DNS is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. Implementing on a router is a good option if you have multiple devices.


SafeDNS is a web security tool that gives you full control over your children’s browsing habits. This award-winning tool protects your family against various cyber threats.

These are just a few of the great features:

  • By blocking abusive, malicious and adult sources, you can ensure that your browsing is safe
  • You can create three filters to suit different age groups within your family
  • Use a timer to limit screen time
  • Block spammy and irritating ads
  • Ability to filter particular or all of the network
  • Includes an Android app

SafeDNS offers a free 15-day trial with all these amazing features. Premium plans begin at $19.95/year.


OpenDNS has been one of our most trusted DNS service providers. According to research , 1 in 3 US schools uses OpenDNS for their network security. This service has an impressive feature: any device you connect to will be protected against various threats once you have enabled the DNS filter.

Any type of device can be connected, including a tablet, smartphone, and laptop. The service comes with two free plans and two paid plans, starting at $19.95/year.

Net Nanny

Another DNS service that makes use of artificial intelligence to easily block online malicious sources is DNS. According to Tom’s Guide NetNanny is ranked number 1 among parental control apps. This is a clear indicator of how great this service is.

It has a lot of great features, including:

  • Monitoring your child’s browsing habits
  • A finger touch can limit screen time for children
  • Blocks suspicious websites
  • Control what your children can do on the internet
  • Blocks adult content
  • Ability to block certain URLs

Net Nanny can be used on Mac OS, Android and IOS. You can find out more about their pricing table.


Circle is a remarkable device with an interactive app. It’s one of the top choices on this list. Brands like USA Today, TechCrunch and Forbes have praised it. It offers a range of protections to protect your children’s browsing habits, such as:

  • Limitations on their use of their phone
  • Check out what your child was doing throughout the day.
  • Ability to switch off the internet during sleep or while studying
  • You can reward your children with extra screen time when needed
  • You can pause/resume internet at any time you like

The app that comes with this service is my favorite feature. The app is so intuitive and fun that you will want to use it again and again. It works with both Android and IOS.

Circle, unlike other DNS filters on this list is a physical device and will be shipped to your address once you have purchased it. The price is $129 and includes a 1-year subscription for all features.


I hope that the DNS filtering tools mentioned above will help you avoid being a victim to cyber threats once again. To protect your identity, you might also use VPN services.

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