Fix Instagram ‘Not Posted Yet. Try Again’ on Android

Not Posted Yet

The inability to share your photos on Instagram is a real pain. If you’ve put in a lot of effort to edit that stunning photo and you are hoping to receive hundreds of likes.

In this article we’ll be focusing on a particular error that can occur when you’re unable to publish a post. Not Published Yet. Try Again’.

 Why Does Instagram Say ‘Not Posted Yet. Try Again ,’?

The most frequent reason Instagram cannot publish your post is a glitch that is temporary and that is related to your smartphone. Perhaps the app isn’t working correctly. Perhaps your device’s cache prevents you from publishing a new blog post.

How Do You Fix ‘Not Posted Yet. Try Again’ on Instagram?

Check Your Connection

Verify that you’re internet connection is working correctly. If you’re using data from cellular then click your mobile data icon and disconnect yourself from the Internet. Tap it again and you’ll reconnect to the Internet.

If you can you can connect to the internet via a wireless connection or a mobile hotspot. Examine if this easy fix resolved the issue.

If you’re confident that the network connection isn’t the issue, proceed on to step.

Sign out and Restart Your Phone

Log to the end on the Instagram profile and shut off your mobile. This will erase the temporary files that could hinder your ability to post on Instagram.

To unsubscribe from Instagram:

  1. Tap your profile picture (bottom right corner).
  2. After that, tap at the top of the screen, three dots (top right) and then go to Settings..
  3. Scroll down, then tap Log Out.
  4. Press the power button of your smartphone. You should wait until you are able to see your Restart/ Reboot option on the screen.
  5. Press Restart or Reboot (depending on the model of your phone).
  6. Make sure your device is connected with the Internet.
  7. Log back in, and attempt to publish the article that failed previously.

Close Background Apps

Check to make sure that Instagram is your only application that’s running while you’re trying to create an update to your post. Click on the “Home” button and swipe it up to any other apps that are that are running in the background to end them.

Once you’ve done that, verify if you are able to publish your blog post.

Clear the Cache

Clearing the cache can assist you in overcoming this error.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Storage.
  3. Click the Clean-up button.
  4. Then , tap the Junk file to permanently erase these unneeded file.
  5. Then, go back and go back to the Settings.
  6. This time, you can select the apps you want to use..
  7. Click Instagram, then select the Storage option.
  8. Click to the Clean cache button.
  9. If this doesn’t solve the issue If this doesn’t solve the issue, tap to clear the data. Try to determine if it can help.

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Update Instagram

If you’re not running the most recent Instagram version do not be surprised when you don’t have the ability to post. Don’t wait until your having issues with various glitches and errors. Update your app regularly.

  1. Open on the Play Store and look up Instagram.
  2. If you notice the update button in the app, tap it.
  3. This will install the most recent Instagram version to your phone.

Try Reducing the File Size

If you’re trying adding an image that is bigger than 1936 x 36 pixels, you’ll see an error message. It could be or not, it will say “Not Published Yet. Try Again’.

Edit the image using your phone or on your computer. Be sure that it’s not larger than the dimensions of 1936 x 1936 pixels.

Reinstall the App

If none of this worked, you can uninstall Instagram. Long press the icon for the app till it appears. option to uninstall option is displayed. After that, download the app via Play Store. Play Store.

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