How to Check Apple Warranty Status – User Guide

Apple Warranty

In this post, we’re going to discuss how to check Apple Warranty Status – User Guide. Let’s begin! Apple generally comes with an assurance for all of their new as well as refurbished models. When you purchase the latest Apple product, whether it’s the iPhone, iPad, or MacBook too. It comes with an Guarantee Limited for one year starting from the day of purchase. This means Apple will cover any flaws or defects that may affect your product within the initial year of use , as well. You could also upgrade to the three-year AppleCarePlus Warranty for an additional fee. Apple also provides a range of Extended Warranty plans that will cover your product problems for an additional year.

Unfortunately, they are expensive. For instance, the extended warranty offered by Apple for the brand fresh MacBook Air starts at $249 (Rs.18,500) However an extended warranty for an iPhone is priced at around $200 (Rs.14,800) in addition. It is also possible to purchase the warranty due to the fact that fixing any issue with the purchase of your Apple product may cost you more. For example, a brand replacement screen for the MacBook Air can cost you approx. Rs.50,000.

Go here to know more regarding Apple Care packs and Apple support and service terms and conditions .

How to Determine the Apple Warranty Status User’s Guide

Keeping the track of your warranty, the type and length, as well as the remaining time before expiration, could be quite a hassle. This is especially true when you own several Apple products. In this article we’ll also show you three ways to find the exact as well as how to do it with ease.

Check for Coverage Website

As previously mentioned, Apple also offers a Limited Warranty of one year with all of its products. With 90 days of no-cost Technical Support , too. You can also verify Apple Warranty status on your devices as well as Apple support services by visiting its website to check coverage. This is described below:

  • First, open the given link on any web browser
  • Then enter the serial code for that Apple gadget to which you are looking to verify Apple the status of its warranty.
  • Once again, you will be able to see a variety of covers and supports and also indicate if they are active or Expiring as shown below.

This is an excellent method of checking Apple Warranty status whenever you are able to access your the Serial Number of your device. but you’re not able to recall the details of your Apple ID and Password actually.

Apple My Support Website Find Apple Service Status

Apple actually has a separate site where you can find information about every one the Apple devices. It is also possible to use this website to verify Apple warranty status:

  • On your web browser, you have to visit
  • Tap to Sign into My Support to sign in, as shown.
  • Register using the details of your Apple ID and Password.
  • You will be presented together with a list of Apple devices registered under your Apple ID and the Apple ID number you have logged into.
  • Simply tap to that Apple gadget to which you would like to verify Apple warranty status.
  • A. If you see active with an yellow tick then you’re protected under Apple’s warranty. Apple warranty.
  • B. If you do not, you’ll be able to see the words “Expired” and the Yellow exclamation marks instead.
  • Check whether you’re eligible to receive AppleCare and you can purchase the same in the event that you wish to.

This is the most efficient method of checking Apple Warranty status and also Apple support and service protection for all of your devices.

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My Support Application

My Support App through Apple allows users to determine Apple warranties on iPhones. It’s an excellent alternative to determine Apple support and service coverage. Particularly if you are using several Apple devices. Instead of having to look up serial numbers or sign in with an Apple ID every time. My Support App will also provide the required information with a couple of simple clicks from either your iPhone or iPad.

The application is available only on only the App Store for iPhone and iPad. It can not be downloaded onto your Mac or be used to determine Apple support and service capabilities on macOS devices.

  • In the beginning, you must install My Support through the App Store.
  • After downloading, tap the name as well as your avatar.
  • From here, simply click “Coverage.
  • A list of all Apple devices using this Apple ID will be displayed on the screen. In addition to their warranty information as well as their the status of their coverage.
  • If a device isn’t within the warranty period You will notice out of warrantydisplayed alongside the device.
  • Simply click on your device and you will be able to view the validity of coverage and Available Apple support and service coverage options.

Extra Apple Serial Number Search Apple Warranty Status

Go to the Apple ID Webpage

To find out the serial number for all of your Apple devices, simply

  • Simply go to actually.
  • Register using the Apple ID and password as well.
  • Select the device you wish to check from the Devicessection for a quick check of the serial number.

From Device Info

  • To find out what the number is for your serial on Mac,
    • Click on the Apple icon.
    • Select to Learn More About This Mac as illustrated below.
  • To determine what the number is on your iPhone You must
    • Open your settings app.
    • The Head is to General > About.

Offline Methods

Like this, you can locate the serial number of your device on:

  • Invoice or receipt for the purchase.
  • Original packaging boxes.
  • The device is itself.

Note: MacBooks have their serial numbers displayed on the bottom of the machine. However, iPhone serial numbers are found on the back.

Understanding the Coverage of Your Warranty

Apple’s limited warranty of one year covers manufacturer-related defects, the performance of batteries that are not as good or issues that result from normal usage. It doesn’t protect against accidental damage, for instance, cracked screens caused by dropping. Apple will also test the presence of certain markers (such as those that can detect the presence of moisture in the frame). To find out if damages have been caused by the error of the user.

AppleCare+ offers additional protection and includes two instances of accidental damage for two years. Costs vary depending on the model, along with the higher-priced iPhone 12 Pro. The price is 200 dollars ($270 without loss insurance) and the basic iPhone 12 costing $150 ($220 with loss protection) in addition.

Each AppleCare+ plan also covers the user for two cases caused by accidental harm. If you happen to damage your screen you’ll need to pay a repair cost of $29. If you suffer any other damage the charge increases to $99. It is worth looking into if already have an insurance policy for your contents or coverage the credit card. It could also cover accidents similar to the ones mentioned above.


All right, that’s it Folks! I hope that you enjoy this article and will find it helpful. Let us know what you think about the article. If you have other questions or concerns in connection with this article. Please let us know via the comments below. We’ll get back to you within a few hours.

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