How to Disable Location Tracking in Windows 10

Disable Location Tracking

Location tracking is standard within Windows 10, but you can disable Location Tracking on your PC at a global level and also specifically for certain apps.

Disable Location Tracking in Windows 10

The location Tracking feature of Windows 10 is basically designed to let maps and other location-based apps to offer eating out, shopping and other recommendations based upon the location you are in.

If, however, you are worried about privacy, you could completely disable Location Tracking on your device, or deactivate the Location Tracking feature for certain undesirable apps.

Steps to Disable Location Tracking in Windows 10

Open the Settings menu on your computer and then click Privacy.

The next screen will select Location from the left pane. In the right-hand pane select the button to change and then move the Location for this device to the off position.

This will switch OFF location services completely on Windows 10. Windows 10 computer.

Disable Location Tracking For Specific Apps in Windows 10

Another alternative is to enable location tracking via Maps and other essential Apps but disable tracking of location for particular unneeded Apps.

Click Settings > Privacy click Location from the left-hand pane. In the right-hand side scroll down and turn off Location Services for certain apps by shifting the toggle next to Location Services to the off position.

As you can see from the above image, we’ve activated the Location Services to this app. Maps App, while disabled Location Services for the Camera App.

Clear Your Location History in Windows 10

Because the Location Tracking was enabled previously on your device, your Location Data remains stored on your device, and it needs to be removed.

Open Settings > Privacy choose Location in the left pane. In the right-hand side go to the “Location History” and then click the Clear button.

This will erase all of your Location History that was stored on your computer.

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