How to Disable Sleep Mode In Windows 10

Disable Sleep Mode

If needed, you may stop the Laptop and Desktop system from falling into sleep by turning off Sleep Mode. Below are two ways to disable sleep Mode in Windows 10.

Disable Sleep Mode In Windows 10

If Sleep Mode is enabled on a Windows Computer, it automatically enters a state of low power Mode after a set time of inactivity.

When you have to work on your computer for the second time, you’ll be able restart the computer quickly when you press the Power Button.

With the default Sleep Mode settings, most Windows computers will go to Sleep Mode after 15 Minutes (While using battery) and after 30 minutes (when connected to power sources) for inactivity.

Although that default setting for sleep is adequate enough for the majority of activities however, it might not be the best choice in specific situations or for all users.

It is fortunately, simple to solve this problem by removing sleep mode when your computer is powered up and selecting the desired sleep mode as your computer runs on Battery.

You can disable Sleep Mode by using Settings

Follow these steps to stop your computer from sleeping by applying Windows 10 using Settings.

1. Open Settings and click on System.

2. On the next screen, choose Power & Sleep in the left pane. In the right-hand-pane you can scroll down to the “Sleep” section, and then change ‘When Plugged In’ to Never.

To prolong battery life You can adjust the sleep mode for “On Battery Power’ to 30 minutes or an hour.

Enable Sleep Mode by using Advanced Power Plan Settings

Another method of changing the Sleep Mode setting on a Windows 10 computer is by using Advanced Power Settings.

1. Open Settings > click on the System icon.

2. On the System screen, choose Power & Sleep in the left-hand pane. In the right-hand pane scroll down until you click on the Additional Options for the Power Settings Link.

3. On the next screen, click the Change Plan Settings that is located right next to the current Power plan on your computer.

4. On the next screen, disable sleep Mode by setting the ‘Put your PC to Sleep’ to Never.

To save Battery Life You can choose to set the your computer to sleep while on Battery is set to 30 minutes or one hour.

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