How to Enable Fast Startup in Windows 10

Enable Fast Startup

By enabling”Fast Startup “Fast Start” option will dramatically increase the time to start up your computer, giving you instant accessibility to your computer. The following are the steps required to Enable Fast Startup in Windows 10.

Fast Startup feature in Windows 10

If the “Fast Start” enabled computer shuts down, it will create a hibernation log that contains details about the system prior to the shut-down.

If the computer is rebooted, it utilizes it’s Hibernation file to come back to life in a flash and without the need to load drivers, kernels, or the system files that are related to it.

In general generally, this Fast Startup feature is known to significantly improve the speed of startup on computers with HDD drives. It also has less impact on computers that use SSD drives..

In certain situations there are instances where in certain situations, the Fast Startup feature can create issues on computers when it is in use, and in that the feature should be removed.

1. Set up “Fast Start” Through Settings

The most straightforward method for you to Enable Fast Startup on a Windows PC is to use Settings.

Just right click on the Start button, then select Power Options.

In the following screen, you can scroll down the right-hand pane, and then click on the Additional power settings link.

On the Power Options Screen, click on the Choose What the Power Buttons Do button.

Then, you can click Change settings currently inaccessible.

Go to the “Shutdown settings” section. Select Fast startup as a speedy option and then click the save Changes button.

Then, you’ll notice that your computer is booting much faster than it did before in the past, particularly when it’s running HDD drives.

“Turn on Quick Startup” Option not present in Windows 10

When the “Turn off Fast Startup” option is absent on your device It is most likely caused by Hibernate Mode not being enabled by your device. This can be fixed by running powercfg/hibernate using command.

Enter CMD into the Search bar. Right-click the Command Prompt and choose the Run as Administrator.

In the Command Prompt screen, type powercfg/hibernate, then hit on the Enter key.

After the command has been executed After the command has been executed, you will be able to see “Turn off Fast Startup” option in Settings.

3. Switch ON “Fast Startup” Using Control Panel

There is a Fast Startup option in Windows 10 can be turned on by using Control Panel. Control Panel.

1. Open Control Panel on your PC.

2. On the Control Panel screen, click on the Hardware and Sound tab, then Power Options and then click to change what the power Buttons Do.

3. On the next screen, scroll towards “Shutdown settings” and then select the Turn On speedy startup.

4. Click on Save Changes to save and then implement this change to your computer.

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