How to Find GPS Coordinates Using iPhone, Android, Mac or PC

GPS Coordinates

It is easy to locate GPS Coordinates for your current location, or any other place using your smartphone or laptop. If this is something you are interested in keep reading to learn more information about GPS Coordinates and how to locate GPS Coordinates using iPhone, Android Phone, Mac or PC.

What Are GPS Coordinates

GPS coordinates are described as a collection of alphanumeric numbers (40deg 41 21 N 74deg 2 40′” W) to indicate the geographic position of a location in terms of latitudes and Longitudes.

For instance for example, the GPS coordinates of the Statue of Liberty are indicated as 40deg 41’21 N 74deg 2’40’ W (or more precisely, 40deg41′ 21.296” N 74deg 2′ 40.2” W)

The first number set (40deg 41 21” N) will provide you with the Latitude information, which indicates that the Statue of Liberty is located 40 degrees 41 minutes and 21 seconds from the northern part on the Equator.

The second number set (74deg 2 40” West) provide the Longitude information, which indicates that the Statue of Liberty is located in 74 degrees, 2 mins and 40 seconds West from the Prime Meridian.

To comprehend this more clearly, you’ll have to be able to comprehend the terms below.

Latitudes They are measured north and South from the Equator and range between 0 degrees to an Equator up to +90° at the North Pole and -90 degrees at the South Pole (See image below).

Langitudes They are measured either East of west of Prime Meridian and vary from zero degree at Greenwich to +180 degrees East and -180 degrees West (See the image below)

Equator It can be described by an imaginary line running across the globe, halfway from North as well as South Pole (See image above)

Prime Meridian: The term can be used to describe an imaginary line that runs across North towards South of the Earth through Greenwich in England, United Kingdom (See above image).

Prime Meridian splits the Earth in Eastern and Western Hemispheres, just as Equator splits the Earth in Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

Interesting Information: One degree of Latitude covers 69 miles or 111 kilometers.

Find GPS Coordinates with iPhone, Android Phone, Mac or PC

Fortunately, the majority of us aren’t required to worry about GPS Coordinates since this intriguing, yet difficult and precise task is completed behind the scenes by gadgets that take care of geotagging pictures and provide directions that are based on GPS calculations.

In case, however, you’re interested in knowing your exact location on surface of Earth you can use the capabilities of your iPhone, Android Phone, Mac or PC to determine the precise GPS coordinates of your current location and any other location you’re interested in.

Find GPS Coordinates Using iPhone

To find GPS Coordinates for your iPhone You will need allow Compass to access your location data. Compass App for the iPhone in order to connect to the location information using the steps below.

1. From the Home screen of your iPhone Tap on Settings.

2. On the Settings screen, select Privacy.

3. On the Privacy Screen, select the Location Services option.

4. On the Location Services Screen ensure that the Location Services option is set to ON Position (See the image below).).

5. On the same screen, scroll down , and click on Compass.

6. On the next screen, tap While using the App (See the image below)

When the Compass App is able to connect to your place of residence, it will begin display GPS Coordinates within your iPhone.

1. Open the Compass App on your iPhone and you’ll find it showing the GPS coordinates for your location on the lower right of your screen (See the image below)

Find GPS Coordinates Using Android Phone

If you own the Android Phone, you can discover GPS Coordinates using the Google Maps App.

1. Open Google Maps application to either your Android Phone or Tablet.

2. Press and Hold on a location until you can see the red pin. You will be able to see the GPS coordinates of this location within the Search Box (See the image below).

Notification: This feature of Google Maps does not work on the iOS version of Google Maps. iPhone lets users add GPS coordinates to Google Maps, but prevents Google Maps from providing GPS Coordinates.

Find GPS Coordinates Using Mac or PC

You can locate GPS locations on either your Mac or Windows PC by making use of the online version Google Maps.

1. On your PC or Mac, go to

2. In the Search box, type in any address you are looking for. The address will be displayed on Google Maps coming up with an Map of the Area, as well as its address, and a street view of the location (See the image below)

3. Now, take note of the Address bar. You will find the coordinates of the address in the last line of URL (See the image above).

Another method is to click right-click on a location in Google Maps and then click on the What’s Here? option within the contextual menu (See the image below)

Google Maps will come up with the GPS Coordinates of the selected place (See the image below)

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