How To Log Into and Connect McDonald’s WiFi

Log Into and Connect McDonald’s WiFi

McDonald’s is a well-known chain of restaurants all over the world. Many of these outlets also offer WiFi services. Continue reading to find out how to sign in to Mcdonald’s Wi-Fi.

Connect to McDonald’s WiFi

McDonald’s WiFi can be accessed from many devices including tablets and smartphones. Each device will require a different way to log in.

Let’s get right to it. Sign in at McDonald’s.

Log in to McDonald’s WiFi using a Laptop

Most McDonald’s restaurants offer free WiFi. These are the steps you need to follow to connect your laptop with WiFi.

1. Select the WiFi icon in the taskbar.

2. You can find McDonald’s free WiFi network.

3. Choose the red Get Connected option. It will be next to Terms and conditions.

4. When connected to WiFi, it will display that you have WiFi enabled. This option can be found in the header of the web page.

Enjoy free WiFi at McDonald’s

Log in to McDonald’s WiFi with IOS

These steps will make it easy to use McDonald’s free WiFi:

1. Go to the settings of your iPhone. Search for wifi.

2. Find the McDonald’s Free Wifi and the Wayport Access. Choose it.

3. After a successful connection, an unsecured network will be displayed at the top.

4. Now you will automatically be taken to McDonald’s Free WiFi Page on your iPhone. To connect, tap Get Connected.

McDonald’s now lets you surf the internet.

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Sign in Mcdonald’s Wi-Fi using Android

Follow these steps to use McDonald’s wifi with Android.

1. Go to the WiFi settings of your mobile.

2. Turn on the WLAN. Choose McDonald’s WiFi.

3. Once the connection is established, it will be visible.

4. When you open any browser from your mobile device, the WiFi connection page will appear.

5. Choose the red Get connected option.

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