How to Recover Deleted Contacts On iPhone

Recover Deleted Contacts

If you’ve accidentally deleted contacts from iPhone or lost contact information because of other reasons You will find below three methods for recover deleted Contacts from iPhone.

Recover deleted contacts on iPhone

Inadvertently deletion of a single or multiple Contacts accidentally on iPhone is a regular event that every iPhone user may experience.

In addition to accidental deletions Users have also reported missing contacts on the iPhone after restoring their iPhone or installing updates and other causes.

No matter the reason, it’s possible to recover deleted contacts on iPhone by re-syncing iCloud contacts to iPhone and also by restoring iPhone from an older iTunes and iCloud backup.

1. Transfer iCloud Contacts to iPhone

If deleted contacts are accessible in iCloud it is possible that you are in a position to restore them to your iPhone by re-syncing iCloud Contacts with your device.

1. Open Settings and tap on your Apple ID Name.

2. On Apple ID screen, scroll to the bottom and click on iCloud.

3. On the next screen, toggle the switch next to Contacts to the OFF position.

4. On the pop-up that pops up, choose the Save on My iPhone option.

5. Now, enable iCloud Contacts in your iPhone by switching the toggle next Contacts to the ON position.

6. On the Pop-up Select to select the Merge option.

This should restore all the deleted Contacts on your iPhone.

Then, open then the Contacts App from your iPhone and check if you are able to locate deleted Contacts to restore them on your iPhone.

2. Recover Lost Contacts on iPhone Utilizing iCloud Backup

While the process of restoring your iPhone using iCloud Backup is simple however, you must first erase all Data that are stored in your iPhone.

Go to Settings > Settings Apple ID > iCloud > iCloud Backup > verify the date of the Last Successful iCloud Backup.

Proceed with the following steps only if you think you can confirm that your Backup File includes deleted contacts.

1. Go to Settings > General > Reset select the Erase All Content and Settings option.

2. On the confirmation pop-up, tap Erase iPhone in order to verify.

3. After all the data has been erased the device launching with “Hello” display. Slide your device to the right to begin the process of creating your iPhone.

4. Follow next set of instructions that appear on screen. Follow these to set up your iPhone to get to the “Apps & Data” screen. On this screen, choose the Restore from the iCloud backup option.

5. If prompted, Log in into your iCloud Account by entering your Apple ID, password and click Next.

6. On the next screen, you can choose the iCloud Backup you would like to restore the backup of your iPhone from.

When your iPhone is restored with the Backup File After that, you will see the deleted contacts back on your iPhone.

3. Recover Lost Contacts on iPhone With iTunes

This method is possible when you have a backup of your iPhone accessible on your computer , and the backup was created prior to the deletion of Contacts.

NOTE: You need to turn off Find my iPhone to restore your iPhone via iTunes.

1. Open iTunes on your Mac or Windows Computer.

2. Connect iPhone to the USB port of your Computer by using the supplied Lightning Connect iPhone to the USB connector.

3. In iTunes, click on the Phone icon that is displayed on your device.

4. Next, click on the Summary tab on the pane to the left. In the right-hand pane, click on the Restore iPhone button located under “Manually Backup and Restore” section.

5. On the pop-up choose the Backup on your iPhone you wish to use in the Restore procedure and click the Restore button.

6. Wait for the data in the iPhone to recover using the chosen Backup File that is in your personal computer.

The time it takes to Restore iPhone will be contingent in the volume of information available within the backup file. After the iPhone has been restored it should be capable of seeing all Deleted Contacts restored to your iPhone.

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