How to Save Instagram Stories with Music in the Gallery of Your Phone

Save Instagram Stories

Save Instagram Stories – Instagram stories are fantastic because they don’t cause you grief later on. They disappear automatically off your profile within 24 hours. There are instances when you’d like to save Instagram stories using music to the gallery on your smartphone. There are a few methods to accomplish this.

Instagram is now a popular platform to create and share memories. Advertisers utilize this tool to design interesting campaigns and influencers make use of it to create reels that are free of copyright. But, Instagram isn’t able to store stories by using the music we have on our smartphones.

What, then, is it? Instagram Stories?

Instagram Story is a feature on Instagram where users can post videos or pictures to their profiles. The content then disappears within 24 hours. The great thing about adding stories is they can be made more enjoyable by adding various kinds of music to the story. Instagram offers the ability to upload music from its library. If you wish to save your story for long enough, put the stories to highlights on your profile. In this way, you can save your stories after 24 hours to those who would like to revisit them and look over the stories.

How do you save Instagram stories by using music from the gallery

Sometimes, you find something that appeals to you in a story of someone else’s. You’d like to save the story. There’s an option to accomplish this, and the most appealing thing is that you can preserve the stories by using music.

There are a variety of ways to save Instagram stories with music to your gallery. Some tried and tested methods are:

  • Save your stories to archive
  • Make use of web-based applications
  • Don’t forget to save the stories
  • The story can be uploaded in the form of a post
  • Save the story by hand

Keep your story in the archives

The process of archiving your stories is simple and you can easily select this option. To doing so, go to:

‘Settings > Story Settings’ > ‘Saving’. After that, you can enable the option to save the story to Archive’.

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Web-based applications

One of the most efficient methods to save those Instagram posts is by using web-based applications. Some of the top apps to save Instagram story stories are:

  • InstaStories viewer
  • Stories IG
  • Embed stories
  • Story Saver for Instagram
  • IG live

Save stories by hand

If you want to save your stories in a manual manner Follow these instructions:

  • Visit the story you’d like to save.
  • At the end of the page, there are three dots. Click on the dots , then select “Save”.
  • Select the option “Save”, to save a specific picture or video.
  • After that, you can click on “Save Story”. This will let you save the entire story as one video.

Tell your story in a post

Publishing your story as an article is another great alternative. All you have to do is open your current story. While you’re watching your story, you’ll notice three dots at the bottom of your post. Just click on them, then select Save. You can then select the option to share as a blog post.

These are simple, right? Test them and tell us whether they are effective!

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