How to Send Multiple Photos in WhatsApp on iPhone

Send Multiple Photos

In the past it was possible to send 10 photos at a time using WhatsApp. It is now possible to send additional photos through WhatsApp and it’s also made it easy to send multiple Photos using WhatsApp for iPhone.

Send Multiple Photos in WhatsApp on iPhone

The latest feature for sharing media within WhatsApp allows you to share up to 30 photos at the same time to all Contacts you have on WhatsApp.

This upgraded multiple photo sharing feature of WhatsApp is available on both Android as well as iOS powered devices.

Let’s begin by taking an overview of how to send Multiple photos using WhatsApp using iPhone.

Send Multiple Photos in WhatsApp on iPhone

Follow the instructions below to send multiple Images using WhatsApp on your iPhone.

1. Open the Chat of your WhatsApp contact, then tap”+” (Media Share button).

2. On the slide-up menu, choose the Photo & Video Library option.

3. On the next screen, select one photo (You can’t yet choose multiple photos at this time)

4. After selecting the first Photo After that, tap the + icon once more.

5. On the next screen, choose other photos that you wish to send , and then click Done.

6. Now, if you click on”Send,” all selected photos are sent directly to your contact.

The Photos will be sent to the recipient in the same way as you were sending them in one go.

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