How to Turn OFF Predictive Text Suggestions on iPhone

turn Off Predictive Text

As you may have seen that the virtual keyboard on the iPhone offers suggestions for words as you type. If you find it distracting you can simply turn Off Predictive Text Suggestions on your iPhone.

Turn off predictive text on iPhone

The Predictive Text feature on iPhone is designed to help speed up your typing on iMessage as well as other Apps by providing suggestions for words that you’re most likely to write next.

They are Predictive Word suggestions resemble your writing style since they are based off data taken from your conversations.

If you are concerned that Predictive Text suggestions are interfering with your thinking process or causing you to write in a certain manner, you are able to turn off the Predictive Text Feature on iPhone.

1. Temporarily disable predictive text on iPhone

You can disable temporarily Predictive Text on iPhone at anytime by following the steps below.

1. Open iMessage App on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Open any Conversation and then tap inside the body of the message to activate the keyboard virtual.

3. Once the Keyboard is displayed, begin typing and you’ll see suggested words appear in the grey bar over the keyboard’s first row (See the image below).

4. Tap and hold on one of the pre-programmed text suggestions, then drag it towards the keyboard.

For instance, in the above example, tap and hold the word Hey and then drag it to the first column of your keyboard.

5. The predictive text bar will immediately shrink , and there will be a black line at the center.

This will turn off this feature. Predictive Text in your iPhone and you’ll be able to type without having to worry about predictive text suggestions throughout the course of the conversation.

At any point you are able to turn on Predictive SMS on your iPhone by simply swiping the white bar up.

2. Permanently disable predictive text on iPhone

You can turn off your iPhone’s Predictive Text function on your iPhone using these instructions.

1. Go to Settings > General > scroll to the bottom and tap Keyboard.

2. On the next screen, switch the toggle adjacent to the Predictive Text to the off position.

Once you have done this, you’ll not see your iPhone pestering you with suggestions for words, when you type on the keyboard.

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