How to Upload Files & Folders to Google Drive

Upload Files

It’s simple to upload files into Google Drive and access them across all your devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, Android Phone), regardless of where you’re situated around the globe.

Upload Files to Google Drive

Google Drive can be described as a cloud-based storage service provided by Google which offers 15 GB of free storage to all users who has an Gmail account and further storage space (if needed) at a affordable cost.

You can upload nearly every type of file you want onto Google Drive, including Photos videos text Files, PDF Files, Microsoft office files such as Word, Excel and Power Point.

Photos and files saved in the Google Drive Account Google Drive Account can be access on many devices, no matter your location provided that you have an Internet connection is in place.

Google Drive is also a great tool for simple to Attach files to email messages and to share photos with well-known messaging as well as Social Media Apps.

1. Upload files from your PC to Google Drive

Go to Google Drive on your Windows PC or Mac and click the Go button. to Drive.

In the following screen enter your Gmail address and password to log in on Google Drive. After you have logged in Click on +New and then choose File Upload from the menu dropdown.

The next page will appear, go to the File that you would like to upload. Select the File and then click Open.

The file selected is uploaded onto Google Drive and will then be visible on Google Drive.

NOTE: Larger Files may take a long time to appear in Google Drive, depending on the speed of your connection to the internet and size of the file.

2. Transfer Folders and Files to Computer into Google Drive

Instead of uploading just one file, Google Drive provides the possibility of uploading a full Folder with several Photos or Files.

On your computer or Mac Log in to your Google Drive Account Click on + New and choose Upload Folder option from the menu drop down.

Next, go to the Folder you’d like to upload to, choose the Folder and then click Upload.

The selected Folder as well as all of its files is uploaded on Google Drive and should be visible within Google Drive.

3. Edit Files on Google Drive

Google Drive isn’t just an online storage platform that you can use for your own personal workspace and edit documents in Microsoft Word and Excel documents directly within Google Drive.

Just right click on the File you wish to edit and choose the Open using option. Google Sheets or Google Docs option.

The file you choose to open will be within Google Sheet Format, which is Google’s format of Excel similar to Spreadsheets. If the chosen File is one that is a Word Document, it will open in Google Doc Format.

The File can be edited in the manner you wish and the Edited File will be saved in Google Sheet or Google Doc Format (as suitable). After you download the edited file, it will be returned to the initial Excel as well as Word Format.

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