iPhone Not Connecting to WiFi : How to Fix?

iPhone Not connecting to WIfi

If your iPhone not connecting to WiFi it is likely that you will be able to resolve the issue using troubleshooting techniques that are listed in the following.

iPhone Not Connecting to WiFi Network

There could be a myriad of causes for iPhone not connecting to WiFi It could be anything from minor software issues or network-related problems to other problems.

The issue can’t be traced back to one cause The below troubleshooting techniques can assist you in fixing the WiFi connectivity issues on your device.

1. Switch off or on WiFi.

Simply turning off WiFi and then turning it ON can help in resolving WiFi Connectivity issues with iPhone.

Navigate to the Settings menu > WiFi and switch the toggle next to WiFi to the OFF position.

For 30 seconds, wait and then switch WiFi ON by moving the toggle to an ON.

2. Restart iPhone

Another easy fix that usually helps in fixing issues with connectivity to networks is to power off and then restart your device.

Click on Settings and General, then Shut down. The next screen will appear Use the Slider to turn off your device.

Allow the iPhone to completely turn off, then wait for 30 seconds, then Restart the iPhone with the Power Button.

3. Renew DHCP Lease

This process assigns a new IP Address. This will assist in fixing issues with WiFi connectivity on your device.

Navigate to Settings > WiFi and select the Wi-Fi Network Name.

Next screen scroll down until you tap the Renew Lease alternative.

In the confirmation pop-up click Renew Lease to confirm.

After that the process is complete, your iPhone will be able to connect to the WiFi Network.

4. Don’t forget the WiFi network and Rejoin

Navigate to Settings > Wi-Fi and then select the Wi-Fi network you are using. Next, you can select Forget This Network option.

In the confirmation pop-up Tap on Forget and confirm.

Take 60 seconds to choose your WiFi Network and then enter your WiFi Network password to join the WiFi Network.

5. Shut off Wi-Fi Assist

The ability to turn off WiFi Assist option has enabled users solve the issue of iPhone not connecting to WiFi Network.

Navigate in Settings > Cellular to deactivate Wi-Fi Assist. Move the toggle from ON to.

After you have disabled WiFi assistance, connect with your WiFi network to see whether WiFi is working properly in your iPhone.

6. Restart Modem/Router

Turn off the power supply to your router or modem Click on/off button (if there is one) or disconnect the power cable from the wall socket.

The previous step resets your WiFi Network and assigns an new IP address for your iPhone (if necessary) and resolves most WiFi connectivity issues.

7. Reset Network Settings

Before you proceed, ensure that you write in your notebook the WiFi Network password since it is likely to be deleted.

Click Settings under General and then Reset. Then, click on the Reset Network Settings.

When the confirmation pop-up appears Tap on Reset Network Settings again confirm.

Then, connect your iPhone with Your WiFi Network and see if the issue with your iPhone being unable to connect WiFi has been resolved.

8. Change to Google DNS

If you’re frequently having Network connectivity issues The issue could be caused by the DNS server for the Internet service provider you use being overwhelmed or experiencing issues.

In these cases in such cases, changing one of the DNS Servers in the iPhone in the direction of Google and OPEN DNS may assist in resolving the issue.

Navigate to the Settings menu > WiFi and select Your WiFi Network. Then, go down until you select the Configure DNS option.

On the screen for Configuring DNS Switch to the Manual option and tap Add Server.

Enter and then tap Add Server > enter and then tap the Save button.

After you have added the Google DNS Serversto your account, you are able to erase the DNS Servers for your provider pressing upon the Red Minus icon.

After you’ve deleted your service provider’s DNS Servers, be sure you click on the Save button to save the change in your computer.

NOTE: Type, to determine if you want to change onto OPEN DNS.

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