Notifications Not Working on iPhone: How to Fix?

Notifications Not Working

If Notifications not working on your iPhone You are most likely to be missing important emails, messages, as well as other alerts. Below are the steps for fixing this issue.

Notifications not working on iPhone

When people complain that Notifications aren’t working on iPhone It is common for them to be complaining over iPhone Not playing Notification Alert Sound.

In these situations, iPhone is actually delivering Notifications, however it’s not vibrating or making the Notification Alert sounds because the Ringer is turned off, iPhone being in Driving or Do Not Disturb Mode.

In other instances the issue could be be related to Notification Previews not being enabled Notifications are not enabled in specific apps, and other factors.

1. Check Ringer Position

If you’re not able to hear notifications on iPhone Take a look at the switch located on the left-hand edge of your iPhone. If the switch is in a silent, you will not hear notifications.

Change the switch into Ring Mode and you will begin to hear notification tone When Notifications occur from your iPhone.

If the toggle can be set in Ring mode but you’re still not receiving notifications You can review this article: Sound Not Working on Your iPhone? Use These Strategies.

2. Set the Vibrate option to vibrate on silent options

If you don’t want the sound of your iPhone not to display Notification Sounds Go through Settings > Sounds > enable the vibrate on Silent.

This will make sure that your iPhone vibrates, when you receive a notification from your phone.

3. Disable Do Not Disturb Mode

Your iPhone isn’t capable of playing or displaying Notification Sounds when it’s been put in the Do Not Remind Mode.

Click Settings, then Do Not Disturb then move the toggle to Do Not Disturb until it is in the Off.

4. Disable Do not Disturb While Driving

Another reason why Notifications not working is the iPhone operating in Drive Mode.

Click Settings, then Focus and Driving switch the toggle next to Driving to the off position.

5. Allow Notification Previews for Notifications

It’s possible that you’ve mistakenly disabled the option to display notifications previews.

Click Settings > Notifications > Show Previews. Next screen Select Always.

NOTE: Select WhenUnlocked option If you do not wish to view Notifications on the locked screen in your iPhone.

6. Set Notifications to be Activated for applications

Check if notifications are enabled for WhatsApp, Messages WhatsApp or the other applications you would like to receive notifications from your phone.

Click settings > notifications > then select the app from which you’d like to be notified.

Next screen ensure the that the Allow Notifications feature is on (green).

Follow the same steps for any other Apps that you would like to receive Notifications.

7. Reset All Settings

If the above solutions did not solve the issue, it could be due to a problem with the incorrect or damaged settings in your iPhone.

Write down the WiFi Network password Click settings > general > reset Next screen choose Reset All Settings.

When you see the Confirmation pop-up, click on Reset and then Confirm.

Once the Reset process has been complete, you can join the WiFi Network through entering the WiFi Network password and check whether Notifications are working for you on the iPhone.

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