Review on Volafile An Anonymous File Sharing Service


Volafile, an Anonymous File sharing service:Using internet Internet we can share any file with anyone we’d like. Particularly thanks to the plethora of file-sharing platforms available. However, the problem with many these tools is that they don’t permit users to share files in a secure manner. However, some services such as SkyDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive are considered to be among the best cloud storage solutions and sharing solutions. However, they require you to first sign up for accounts. If security and privacy are important to you, then try Additionally, you would like to be able to use a secure method to share files, without having to create an account for users, then consider

What’s is a user-friendly platform. However, it permits you to share files with other users in real-time. But, although Volafile refers to as “Rooms,” they are chat rooms that permit large groups of people to download and upload files.

The basic landing page of it lets you create a new room , or “Discover” any existing rooms. It is basically an online room for sharing which was created by a user. Anyone are able to join and start sharing of files with other users within any space. Volafile doesn’t have the ability to impose any restrictions or access privileges in place.

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What do Left and Right Sides contain?

When you click the link to a room from the Discover page, the entire dashboard will appear along with the right-hand side with a list of files that have been uploaded by users. Not only that, you can look at each of the files within your browser. You can also download or install them on your computer via the “Save link As’ context menu option. If a room has many items, then select Documents, Images Videos, Music Archives and other hyperlinks to display only the items you want to see. The search bar will help you locate precisely what you’re searching for.

The left-hand part of the user interface has the chat section. It shows quick messages from chat room members. In contrast to other chat rooms, it is not necessary to pick the name of the user for joining the chat.

Create Your Room: Create Your Own Room:

You can also build chat rooms of your own from scratch and assign them a unique name. Each room appears similar, which means that you cannot alter the design of your room. If you’d like to share a picture to Volafile, simply press the upload button or drag and drop your desired file onto the dashboard. The files uploaded to Volafile will be removed from the system at the end of 12 hours. The time until the time a file is deleted is displayed in relation to the size of the file.

It’s generally an incredible anonym file sharing solution that is a must for sharing files with multiple users without signing up through a service.



This is a full review of Volafile an Anonymous File Sharing Service. Have you experienced it? Submit your comments and ideas in the comment section below. We are waiting for your feedback!

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